What To Expect

When you enter the Houston Discovery Community’s home, you’ll be pleased to discover the spacious, clean, and modern living space that immediately gives you a feeling of serenity – of being at home. You’ll also be surprised as the expanse of green space available to you during your stay with us.

You will be welcomed into a community of strong residents that provide you, along with supportive staff, the safe and sober environment that you require as part of your path to a successful recovery: people who truly understand your challenges and will support your recovery.

We are confident that soon after you arrive at our home, you will begin to feel the serenity and confidence to reclaim your independence and embrace a healthier and happier life. You will become part of the 12 Step program as a part of your involvement in our community – a program that has literally helped millions of Americans such as yourself.

Want a one way ticket to sobriety?

Contact: Admissions 1-866-692-1855
Marvin McZeal, General Manager: 281-857-7591