The transition into a sober life is not often an easy undertaking for someone who has struggled with addiction to alcohol or drugs. This is where HOUSTON DISCOVERY COMMUNITY has stepped in to help. We help each of our residents make the whole life paradigm shift into a life not just of sobriety – but genuine recovery. With commitment, focus and the strength of a strong community our residents learn how to become more responsible, accountable adults.

We encourage a commitment to growth and healthy living through all aspects of each man’s life. We encourage nutritious eating, positive activity in the community, as well as physical, emotional and spiritual health. We provide a structured environment, inclusive of 12 Step meetings and amenities, to support a whole positive lifestyle for each of our residents.

At HOUSTON DISCOVERY COMMUNITY, we want each of our residents to know that despite the fact that our lives have been affected by drugs and alcohol, they are not destined to be defined by them.

We know that recovery is a worthy endeavor and a hard one too. This is where our transitional sober living experience can assist you to build a stronger more solid stand in your recovery, before you fully return to the life you are re-building, restoring, and re-discovering – perhaps truly, for the very first time.

Want a one way ticket to sobriety?

Contact: Admissions 1-866-692-1855
Marvin McZeal, General Manager: 281-857-7591